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Do Summer Thunderstorms Send Your Dog Into a Panic?

Story at-a-glance

  • The spring and summer months are often hard on dogs with thunderstorm phobia – and their owners. Phobic reactions can range from mild-moderate to extreme.
  • A study conducted a few years ago indicates dogs with storm phobia often have other related conditions, specifically separation anxiety and noise phobia. A combination of anxieties can make diagnosis and treatment more challenging.
  • Storm phobia is different from other anxiety disorders because there can be a number of triggers rather than just one. And thunderstorm phobias can get worse the more storms a dog is exposed to.
  • Effective therapy for storm-phobic dogs usually requires a combination of treatments which can include behavior modification, desensitization, establishing a safe room, the use of DAP pheromone diffusers, massage and storm jackets.
  • Other options can include natural supplements and remedies, short term use of anti-anxiety drugs or anti-depressants, and consultation with an animal behavior specialist.

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Icky Tummy? How You Can Help:

We recently posted an article all about what we refer to as "Icky Tummy". Vomiting and diarrhea are no fun for anyone, and being prepared can help. Click the link below to read about when to see your vet, what to ALWAYS have on hand, and a few safe, natural remedies commonly accepted to help with the effects of common tummy troubles in dogs: (http://www.endurapet.com/pages/the-icky-tummy-page-safe-natural-help-for-your-dogs-upset-tummy)

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Memorial Day

 Today we are remembering those who have served, and thanking those who are serving. Thank you. This seems an especially appropriate day to share this piece about how rescued dogs are helping veterans cope with PTSD: Pets2Vets is based in Arlington, VA and was founded by veteran David Sharpe.  His story from the P2V website: Sharpe served in the U.S. Air Force Security Forces where he endured several incidents that, at the time, didn’t affect his personal relationships with his family, friends, and colleagues (or so he thought). However, a short time after his first deployment during November 2001 where a life-threatening situation occurred (one-one confrontation with a Taliban sympathizer pointing his weapon in Sharpe’s face during Entry Control Point Checks), he began...

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