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Understanding Canine Hip Dysplasia & Exploring Treatment Options for Your Dog

  When visiting the veterinarian, dog lovers around the world dread hearing two words: Hip Dysplasia. But what exactly is hip dysplasia, and what are the options when our beloved canine companions receive this diagnosis?     Hip dysplasia is one of the most studied veterinary conditions in dogs, and is the most common single cause of canine arthritis of the hips. The disorder is commonly caused by a genetic malformation of the hip socket, but may be triggered by early injury, excess weight or repetitive motion before a dog is fully developed (this is why early competition and jogging are ill-advised for pups under one year old).  Hip dysplasia results in pain and mobility difficulties. Ideally, the round head...

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Pet Arthritis: Understanding WHY it hurts, and what you can do to help.

 Arthritis affects most of us as our bodies age. Sadly, pets are not exempt. Understanding how arthritis happens is an important first step in treatment. Knowing what can be done and what to expect can give loving pet parents peace of mind when choosing the right treatment. Of course we hope you will try our arthritis and joint formula for your pet, but even more we want to be sure you have the understanding you need as you decide just what to give for natural pain and inflammation relief.     Osteoarthritis occurs on joint surfaces at the point where contact is most prevalent. Over time, hyaline cartilage which cushions joints can completely wear away. As animals age, they also stop...

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To the BatWagon!

 Some dogs are just born to be superheros... Denver Botanic Gardens hosted a fun event for dogs and their adoring people today. We went to join in the festivities, meet new friends, and to help cheer on our favorite participants in the Bow Wow of the Year contest. We met great new friends, and we fell absolutely head over heels in love with Bat. Bat is a 14 year-old corgi. Without the use of his back legs, bat travels in style in his red wagon. Alert and happy, Bat is a shining example of how happy our senior dog friends can be, with or without 100% of their faculties intact. You will see in these photos that Bat has a...

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