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Barking up the Right Tree! Health Benefits of Pine Bark Extract for your Pet

(Heath Benefits / History / Additional Info / Endurapet & Pine Bark / Further Reading / References) photo courtesy of tacticalintelligence.net Pine bark extract is amazing. Period. It is not only beneficial to humans, but it can drastically benefit dogs and cats of all ages. Pine bark extract can help fight inflammation (arthritis, hip dysplasia and the effects of aging), and it has been shown to improve circulation, immune response, and more. According to their guardians, agility dogs are thriving on it, and senior pets can find relief from the pain and inflammation symptoms of a variety of age related conditions. Pine bark extract has been used by humans in various forms for centuries, and now it is helping dogs...

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Supercharged by Raspberries: What you need to know now about Raspberry Seed Extract (Ellagic Acid) as a natural supplement for pets and people.

... so why is raspberry seed extract seen by some as one of the most important discoveries as a natural cancer fighter? Read on to see how you can have a significant impact on the health and immune strength of your family and your pets

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