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Yoga with Nic and Pancho: You're welcome.

Pancho the Chihuahua and his human companion Nic are here to help us relax through gentle yoga. Enjoy!    (For even more chill in your pet's day, try Calming Plus!)

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Avoid these Halloween Hazards to your Dog

Just a reminder of potential problems to avoid during Spooky Season!Halloween Candy is a definite temptation for Fido, and definitely off the menu! Be on the lookout for candy left out for holiday visitors, and also for the treats which little goblins accidentally dropped in the dark, in your own yard or on your walking route. You may want to keep a few appropriate doggie treats on hand, in case your pup becomes jealous from being left out of all the treat sharing!On Halloween Night, will ‘Trick or Treaters’, or other costumed company be coming to your door? Repeated knocks and doorbell rings disturb many dogs, so perhaps it would be best to secure them away from the action on...

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Supercharged by Raspberries: What you need to know now about Raspberry Seed Extract (Ellagic Acid) as a natural supplement for pets and people.

... so why is raspberry seed extract seen by some as one of the most important discoveries as a natural cancer fighter? Read on to see how you can have a significant impact on the health and immune strength of your family and your pets

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Reunited after 22 long months...feel good Wednesday!

Lily's family searched for her for nearly two years. Than this happened. Grab a tissue...and if you haven't microchipped your beloved pets yet, here's another reason to go out right this second and get them microchipped. So happy for Lily and family!   

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Do Summer Thunderstorms Send Your Dog Into a Panic?

Story at-a-glance

  • The spring and summer months are often hard on dogs with thunderstorm phobia – and their owners. Phobic reactions can range from mild-moderate to extreme.
  • A study conducted a few years ago indicates dogs with storm phobia often have other related conditions, specifically separation anxiety and noise phobia. A combination of anxieties can make diagnosis and treatment more challenging.
  • Storm phobia is different from other anxiety disorders because there can be a number of triggers rather than just one. And thunderstorm phobias can get worse the more storms a dog is exposed to.
  • Effective therapy for storm-phobic dogs usually requires a combination of treatments which can include behavior modification, desensitization, establishing a safe room, the use of DAP pheromone diffusers, massage and storm jackets.
  • Other options can include natural supplements and remedies, short term use of anti-anxiety drugs or anti-depressants, and consultation with an animal behavior specialist.

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