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Avoid these Halloween Hazards to your Dog

Just a reminder of potential problems to avoid during Spooky Season!Halloween Candy is a definite temptation for Fido, and definitely off the menu! Be on the lookout for candy left out for holiday visitors, and also for the treats which little goblins accidentally dropped in the dark, in your own yard or on your walking route. You may want to keep a few appropriate doggie treats on hand, in case your pup becomes jealous from being left out of all the treat sharing!On Halloween Night, will ‘Trick or Treaters’, or other costumed company be coming to your door? Repeated knocks and doorbell rings disturb many dogs, so perhaps it would be best to secure them away from the action on...

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Spooky Safe Fun for Pets on Halloween

The doorbell rings, and oh BOY! Behold groups of small humans shouting for TREATS! And they are clothed in what appear to be head-to-toe squeaky toys… No worries, little doggies and kitties, because pets don't need to be left out of the fun.  When it comes to costume time, there are a lot of fun ways to dress our pets for the season.  If you want to dress up your furry friend but your beloved beastie refuses to wear a full on head to toe costume, fun  party collars or festive themed bandannas are usually well accepted by everybody. As always, just take any costumes off before leaving them alone. Of course, if your pets are not that excited about Halloween...

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