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Choosing the right flea and tick treatment for your pet

 What is the best natural flea and tick treatment for your pet? Unfortunately, the answer is not the same for every household. Depending on where you live, your choice of tick treatment or flea treatment will be totally different than mine. The itching and scratching is just the beginning. You may feel comfortable using a 100% natural alternative to flea and tick pesticides, or you may want to combine natural treatments with vet prescribed methods of treating ticks and fleas  where you can.  While I won't make this very personal decision about flea and tick treatments for you, I will give you the basic information you need, so you can feel confident that you made an informed choice on behalf...

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Pumpkin saves the day

Pumpkin is something we always have on hand for our furry family. The fiber in pumpkins is incredibly gentle and effective in terms of  treatment and maintenance of pets' digestive health. It can make a huge difference for pets who suffer from chronic constipation OR diarrhea. Yes... for both! It is also especially helpful for dogs (and the occasional cat) who get impacted anal glands (yes, ick!), and for cats who have trouble with hairballs. Pumpkin is absolutely amazing for many issues, but especially for firming up loose stool in dogs and cats, and for hairball maintenance in cats. And the best part? They tend to love the taste! Things to know when giving pumpkin to pets: A little goes...

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Why You Should Smell Your Pet's Ears

  Yes. Gross I know, but is it really?  Smelling your pets' ears, breath and skin is something not everybody is going to be looking forward to, but it is a very important part of giving them the best care. And the ears are just the beginning. I'll explain:   It is so important to make yourself familiar with the way your pet's ears, feet and breath smell on a regular basis. Take time to look at  those gums too. One of the first things we look at when one of our crew is acting like he or she is not feeling his or her best is gums. And what is "normal" for one pet may be totally diferent for...

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