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A Stockingful of Free Downloads for Pet Lovers

We thought that this might be a good time of year to share our collection of links to free downloadable print resources for pet lovers! Find a few for your own stocking, and a few to share with others who might benefit from the information.Our sincere Thanks to all our customers and supporters for this past year, and Best Wishes to all for the coming New Year! Free Pet Downloads New Pets Before you get your Puppy   Dr. Ian Dunbar, 104pp Pet Meets Baby   American Humane Association, A Guide for Bringing Children Home to Pets, 32pp Basic Manners for the Family Dog   Jess Rollins, 34pp Dogs and Children - a guide to staying safe  RSPCA, 6pp  (also see here for...

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Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

Just a reminder that many common Thanksgiving foods are not for pets... However, some Thanksgiving staples are OK to share in moderation, to a healthy animal:- Cooked Turkey Breast- Cooked Sweet Potatoes - Canned Pumpkin- Raw or Steamed VeggiesPlease keep in mind:- Portion Control! Do not overfeed your pets.- Avoid any significant departures from your pet’s usual diet. - Restrict the carbohydrates, particularly for the cats.- Do Not leave food unattended on tables or counters, secure or remove trash immediately Just in case, be sure to keep this number handy!PET POISON HELPLINE: 855-764-7661 ($39.00 per incident includes initial consultation and follow-up calls)Hotline staff are available to help with every poisoned pet, with all types of poisonings, 24-hours a day. The...

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Avoid these Halloween Hazards to your Dog

Just a reminder of potential problems to avoid during Spooky Season!Halloween Candy is a definite temptation for Fido, and definitely off the menu! Be on the lookout for candy left out for holiday visitors, and also for the treats which little goblins accidentally dropped in the dark, in your own yard or on your walking route. You may want to keep a few appropriate doggie treats on hand, in case your pup becomes jealous from being left out of all the treat sharing!On Halloween Night, will ‘Trick or Treaters’, or other costumed company be coming to your door? Repeated knocks and doorbell rings disturb many dogs, so perhaps it would be best to secure them away from the action on...

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