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Honoring Sarge

Sarge has become an angel. Officially, at least. He was an angel on earth until yesterday, when he passed away at the age of 16. He has now officially begun his work as Doggie Angel, Elderbull Extrordinaire. In honor of Sarge, we are sharing this delightful video today. Sarge's family would be grateful if each person who watches it would share it with just one other person. ELDERBULLS: The Movie (2011) from Animal Farm on Vimeo.   If you don't already know about the famous Sarge the Elderbull, we urge you to visit his blog page at http://www.elderbulls.blogspot.com/.  In short, Sarge, along with over 30 other dogs) was rescued at age 14 from an abusive home in PA. He was...

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Memorial Day

 Today we are remembering those who have served, and thanking those who are serving. Thank you. This seems an especially appropriate day to share this piece about how rescued dogs are helping veterans cope with PTSD: Pets2Vets is based in Arlington, VA and was founded by veteran David Sharpe.  His story from the P2V website: Sharpe served in the U.S. Air Force Security Forces where he endured several incidents that, at the time, didn’t affect his personal relationships with his family, friends, and colleagues (or so he thought). However, a short time after his first deployment during November 2001 where a life-threatening situation occurred (one-one confrontation with a Taliban sympathizer pointing his weapon in Sharpe’s face during Entry Control Point Checks), he began...

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