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Icky Tummy? How You Can Help:

We recently posted an article all about what we refer to as "Icky Tummy". Vomiting and diarrhea are no fun for anyone, and being prepared can help. Click the link below to read about when to see your vet, what to ALWAYS have on hand, and a few safe, natural remedies commonly accepted to help with the effects of common tummy troubles in dogs: (http://www.endurapet.com/pages/the-icky-tummy-page-safe-natural-help-for-your-dogs-upset-tummy)

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Pumpkin saves the day

Pumpkin is something we always have on hand for our furry family. The fiber in pumpkins is incredibly gentle and effective in terms of  treatment and maintenance of pets' digestive health. It can make a huge difference for pets who suffer from chronic constipation OR diarrhea. Yes... for both! It is also especially helpful for dogs (and the occasional cat) who get impacted anal glands (yes, ick!), and for cats who have trouble with hairballs. Pumpkin is absolutely amazing for many issues, but especially for firming up loose stool in dogs and cats, and for hairball maintenance in cats. And the best part? They tend to love the taste! Things to know when giving pumpkin to pets: A little goes...

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