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Feral Cats - Part II: Building shelters and feeding stations for feral cats

 Update: Here is a helpful video tutorial to go along with Anna's post:  Winter Cat Shelter Instructions from Anna: By Anna Santillian Our friend Anna (pictured here with her beautiful orange boy, Shaman) is truly a champion for all animals. She has generously agreed to share her tips on building effective and lifesaving winter shelters for feral cats. Thank you Anna! You can visit Anna's Facebook page, Auntie's Cat Connection , for more information, photos and to share your ideas. Building The Shelters As winter is on our heels, our outdoor kitties will need our help more and more.  You can make them shelters and feeding stations out of materials you may have around the house or get for free from...

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Feral Cats: Part I

  Breaking News: Shocking!  Family moves ~ leaves feline   family member to fend for herself!   Oh wouldn’t it be great if this kind of behavior were newsworthy and seen as scandalous?   What if abandoning furry family members was truly a punishable offense? Sadly, the reason we don’t see this kind of headline is because this sort of behavior in humans is all too common.  When discarded like this, family pets have no choice but to try and make it on their own.  If they do not meet an untimely end, the majorities of these pets become feral or are scooped up by animal control.  Very few find themselves swept off their paws fairy-tale style and find themselves in...

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