To the BatWagon!

 Some dogs are just born to be superheros...

Denver Botanic Gardens hosted a fun event for dogs and their adoring people today. We went to join in the festivities, meet new friends, and to help cheer on our favorite participants in the Bow Wow of the Year contest. We met great new friends, and we fell absolutely head over heels in love with Bat. Bat is a 14 year-old corgi. Without the use of his back legs, bat travels in style in his red wagon. Alert and happy, Bat is a shining example of how happy our senior dog friends can be, with or without 100% of their faculties intact. You will see in these photos that Bat has a white wrap around his delectable little middle. That's called a belly band. Belly bands are a simple and effective solution for male dogs who have lost their ability to control their need to "go". Our little Collin wears one too. 

So without further delay, we introduce the adorable and oh so loved Bat:

dog in a car


dog recovered


dog happy
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