A Stockingful of Free Downloads for Pet Lovers

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We thought that this might be a good time of year to share our collection of links to free downloadable print resources for pet lovers! Find a few for your own stocking, and a few to share with others who might benefit from the information.

Our sincere Thanks to all our customers and supporters for this past year, and Best Wishes to all for the coming New Year!

Free Pet Downloads

New Pets

Before you get your Puppy   Dr. Ian Dunbar, 104pp

Pet Meets Baby   American Humane Association, A Guide for Bringing Children Home to Pets, 32pp

Basic Manners for the Family Dog   Jess Rollins, 34pp

Dogs and Children - a guide to staying safe  RSPCA, 6pp  (also see here for posters and more for kids)

Understanding Feline Body Language  Arizona Humane Society, 4pp

Pet Care and Training

101 Things You Didn't Know Could Harm Your Pet    ASPCA, 9pp, Emergency Info Form, Hazards: Inside, Outside, Holiday

Prepare your Pets for Emergency   FEMA/NVMA/ASPCA/AKC, 2pp, Evacuation readiness

Pet Loss Support Page   A dozen helpful handouts, copyright Moira Anderson Allen, M.Ed.

Pesticides and Pets   Safety facts, 4pp

10 Tips to Help Pets Beat the Summer Heat   PetsAmerica, 2pp

Basic Manners for the Family Dog   Jess Rollins, 34pp

Forms and Lists

Disaster Preparedness Checklist    PetsAmerica, 2pp

Pet Health Record Form   Vaccination and other Veterinary Record, from Sam Houston State University, 4pp

Pet rescue window decal  and Animal Poison Control Center fridge magnet, from the ASPCA

Pet Emergency Info Form  Handy reference sheet from Gopetplan, 1p


How to Find Homes for Homeless Pets   Best Friends Animal Society, 16pp

Fake 'Service Dogs'   C.D. Watson, 20pp

E-book: A Beginner's Guide to Dog Agility Training  AKC, 34pp

A number of helpful, printable posters and infographics can be found here, on Dr. Sophia Yin's website, incl. information on training, socialization, interaction with children, and more.

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