From "Difficult" to Diva, how one dog is changing lives


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Oh Miss Molly-D...

Molly-Dharma was labelled as a "difficult" dog. Adopted and returned twice (or was it three times?), Molly would return to the MaxFund (a Denver no-kill shelter) more and more stressed. Her first impression behavior was less than ladylike, she was "touchy" (or not, actually) and were it not for her faithful and caring team of rescuers and caregivers at MaxFund, Molly's story would be different, and sadly, shorter.

 As it turned out, after almost three years waiting for a home, Molly-Dharma was adopted by a man, and this man had an incredible soul. The man and Molly-Dharma both worked very hard and eventually together they were able to gather the bounty of patience, trust, security, and  together they emerged bonded, happier, and rewarded with a friendship like no other.

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Molly-Dharma's man is Kirk Zimmerman. Aside from his duties as Patient Saint, Kirk is also a biker, and in honor of Molly-Dharma, the MaxFund, and all of the other "difficult" pets waiting for homes, Kirk organized a fundraising motorcycle run to benefit MaxFund. That was five years ago, and in five years, the Molly-Dharma Annual Motorcycle Run for MaxFund has grown into a favorite for Denver area motorcycle enthusiasts. The event raises a huge amount of money for the shelter, generates attention for shelter animals, and always results in new homes for at least one more animal. 


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Will it be Romeo's turn next?

When I look at Romeo, another dog who has been adopted and then returned more than once,  I feel hope because of Molly-Dharma's story. Romeo is just a tad protective of those he loves. We hope Romeo finds his own version of Kirk; someone to empathize with the reasons behind his desire to protect those he loves and to work with Romeo to build confidence and trust. Romeo's adoption page is here:







We attended the block party after 5th annual Molly-Dharma Motorcycle Run for MaxFund on Sunday.  What a thrill to watch beautiful Molly-Dharma trotting happily on those long legs of hers, politely greeting the hundreds of people who came  together because of her story, happy to be with her devoted Dad...forever.

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To see more pictures from our day, including special photos of Sophie, our "five hour foster"  on our facebook page:
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