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 Take a look at that beautiful nose! This is quite possibly the most kissable face EVER. And what sweet kisses he gives. I met Buddy last weekend at the Longmont Humane Society's Furry Friends Festival, immediately following Ella's Walk. Buddy was enjoying the festivities with his volunteer handler, and he won my heart before we even met. I mean, seriously...that nose is really fabulous. And his smile? Wow. He was a gentleman with all of the people and other dogs in attendance, and gosh, I would love to see him next year with his forever person. Buddy took a minute out of his day to let me interview him. I made the mistake of offering him peanut butter before our interview. To summarize, Buddy says, "Yum. Oh yum. Adopt me please. Yum." and so forth...




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Buddy has been at Longmont Humane Society since April 18. To learn more about adopting him, click HERE

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