How to (really) remove skunk smell.

Skunks are adorable.
Well, I think so anyway. The poor dears; how awful to have such outer beauty overlooked simply because of one's spectacularly effective defense mechanism. Oh alright, I suppose when said defense mechanism is located in one's anal glands it can be a  bit hard, but just take a look at this picture. See? Adorable.
If you or one of your furry family members have ever been sprayed by a skunk, it is understandable that you may never be able to wipe "that smell" out of your memory. Especially if you tried in vain to remove the smell using the time-honored (but sadly, ineffective) tomato-juice bath. 
Skunk smell is tough to cut because its (ingenious, really) molecular structure makes it impossible to simply wipe the spray off of a surface. The only way to actually combat the stink is to change the structure of the spray. The following recipe has been a lifesaver to more people and pets than I can count. Scientist Paul Krebaum invented this simple solution in the early '90's and it will not disappoint! When I had a dog walking business in San Diego, I had the following in the trunk of my car at all times:
Truly Effective Skunk Smell Remedy
  • 1 Quart (3%) Hydrogen peroxide 
  • 1/4 c. Baking soda
  • 1 tsp. liquid dish soap (not detergent)


    Other items to have on hand:
    • gloves
    • some kind of tub for mixing
    • over the counter liquid douche (yes) in case your pet is sprayed in the face
    • A good apron (I keep an extra large scrub top from the thrift store on hand)
    • towels you are willing to part with. Not only will they get bleached by the solution, you may not want them after this is over...


      To mix, make sure you are using a large enough container (I keep this stuff all together in a big rubber basin so I can grab it in seconds. You do not want to have to scramble for these things when you've been skunked!). It will get bubbly when mixed

      To use, wash your beloved beastie with the mixture and warm water, concentrating on the area where she or he has been sprayed. Leave the mixture on for 10 minuted. ** IMPORTANT: Do not use this on faces or near eyes! Use the over the counter douche to wash these areas. **(Skunk spray can be very painful in eyes. It won't cause blindness but a trip to the vet is in order if your furry baby has been sprayed in the eyes and is in pain).

      Some things to remember:
      - This is a one-time use formula. Do not store in any container, and do not mix ahead "just in case".
      -Using a NEW bottle of hydrogen peroxide is important. Once opened, hydrogen peroxide begins to decompose.
      -black coated dogs and cats may look a little lighter after this treatment.
      I hope this formula comes in handy. Actually, I hope you never have to use it, but having the ingredients on hand is a good idea for us all. 
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