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Tear Stains and Your Pet - not just a cosmetic issue

We recently asked our readers what pet health and behavior problems they were most interested in learning more about, and “What causes tear stains in dogs and cats?” and “What’s the best way to remove tear stains?” were among the top questions we received. In my research for this article, I’ve discovered that tear staining is a more complicated issue than I had previously assumed. Here’s why:There are several possible contributing factors and underlying causes when it comes to tear stains in pets, each requiring a different treatment, and often several of these different factors are present in a single animal.  In the following paragraphs we will describe these, and suggest some tips for dealing with tear stains, but it...

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Why You Should Smell Your Pet's Ears

  Yes. Gross I know, but is it really?  Smelling your pets' ears, breath and skin is something not everybody is going to be looking forward to, but it is a very important part of giving them the best care. And the ears are just the beginning. I'll explain:   It is so important to make yourself familiar with the way your pet's ears, feet and breath smell on a regular basis. Take time to look at  those gums too. One of the first things we look at when one of our crew is acting like he or she is not feeling his or her best is gums. And what is "normal" for one pet may be totally diferent for...

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