True story: How the EnduraPet name came to be.

Last week someone read our name EnduraPet to mean something entirely opposite of what we intended when we named our product line. We cleared the misconception immediately, but it made me realize that I never actually told you all where we got our name in the first place:

The misinterpretation came when an animal lover read "EnduraPet" to mean "Endure-a-Pet". In her words, "I don't think I like the company name in the least. ... why would a company that bothers to offer herbal options call themselves Endure A Pet? They are chosen family and not something to be endured."  Eek! My heart sank immediately, but then I was relieved. After all, this is an opportunity for educating the public about who we are, and that's a good thing! It also reminded me that in addition to letting people know who we are and what we do for pets (I prefer "furry family members") and their devoted people, it gives me the chance to tell you about Endura.

We love the name Endura for two reasons:

For people who don't know about the phenomenal dog named Endura (see below) the word Endurance means "Continuing existence; duration." and also "The state or fact of persevering" . This is precisely what we hope to help furry family members achieve through the use of our supplements.  The word Endure comes into play as well, as we do want to support them in health and to "endure" health and care challenges.

Endura is also the name given to an incredible dog who was rescued right at the time we were starting EnduraPet and thinking up names. She is a beautiful fawn colored hound mix who was running scared for six weeks off of Hwy 89 near Kanab Utah. She was just too afraid to allow herself to be caught all that time. She was rescued and then moved to Best Friends, the animal sanctuary where I worked prior to starting EnduraPet. She was renamed Mohrra and with the love and kindness so prevalent at Best Friends, learned to trust and accept love from humans. Endurance of the spirit always brings me to tears. Here is a video of Endura (now Mohrra) as she learned to trust her caregivers at Best Friends: (video courtesy of the Kane Humane Project, started by my buddy Jim)

And of course, we call ourselves EnduraPet because...well... we are dedicated to pets! We actually prefer the term "family member" or "furry family member" but "EnduraFurryFamilyMember" was a mouthful and in the interest of being clear about who we are here to serve and getting our information out to all who need us, we opted to use "pet".

Coming full circle:
As you may know, we are in the process of starting a foundation to provide foster-based hospice care to animals who have lost their homes in their most desperate time of need: senior dogs and cats and animals who are considered terminally ill. In our years of hospice fostering, we know all too well that there is a huge need for this kind of care, and we are determined to see it become a reality for more than we can provide for on our own. EnduraPet is how we are going to be able to do this work. Our business not only helps cats and dogs by providing the best in nutritional support, it gives us the opportunity to affect real change in thinking, and ultimately in the way people treat their pets. It is our sincere hope that all people will see them as furry family members one day soon, and to be a part of that is something we are so glad to be able to do.

I will never know whether the person who misinterpreted our name ever came back and read my response. I hope so, because I would like to thank her for inspiring me to tell you how we chose our name.  I think our ideals are absolutely in the same place, and that is in loving and cherishing our dearest friends, and in giving them the lives they so richly deserve.

It's all love from here...
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