Video: Dachshund and Paralyzed Cat Share An Amazing Friendship!

Idgie and Ruth have a special kind of friendship, and their story will surely make you smile. This bonded pair was picked up by Seminole County Animal Services in FL. It appears that they were deliberately dumped. We don't know for sure, but once we saw this video, it was obvious that these two belong together.

Hollywood Houndz, a natural pet food store and grooming boutique in Lake Mary Florida, often helps local rescues by featuring and boarding special needs pets. You see, Ruth is partially paralyzed and needs a helping paw. Idgie is just the dog (yes, dog!) to help. The pair came to Hollywood Houndz and shortly thereafter, the store owners decided to adopt them. These two went from being unwanted to having "14 mommies" and more attention and love than most pets receive ina lifetime. Hollywood Houndz named the pair Idgie and Ruth, after the unforgettable friendship created by author Fannie Flagg in her famous novel, Fried Green Tomatoes. 

Thanks to Hollywood Houndz for keeping these two together! 

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