What makes ours Immune Support Formula different.

  • Designed to boost your pet's immune system, potentially slowing the spread of terminal disease and helping keep your pets alert and enthusiastic about eating, walking, and snuggling with you for a longer period of time

  • Manufactured in an FDA approved facility which complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). 

  • Provides important cardioprotective support for pets undergoing treatment

  • All ingredients are dosed at an amount which is considered therapeutic. No "token" ingredients in inadequate amounts. 

  • Can improve heart function and strengthen the heart muscle to improve circulation

  • Helps fortify the immune system so that outbreaks of feline herpes are few and far between – and less severe.

  • For cats with FIV, boosts immune function and resistance to disease.

  • Nine meticulously chosen, carefully sourced, natural immune-boosting ingredients including CO-Q10, L-Lysine ,Maitake mushroom, OPCs  and Vitamin E. No ingredients which will weaken healthy organs or exclude animals taking prescription medications. 

Who is it good for?

It's been good for our pets, our clients' pets, even our veterinarian's pets.  It's been good for pets who have heart disease, allergies, and chronic infections. It's been particularly good for pets who have cancer, FIV, or feline herpes virus - our vet was amazed by the results and so were our clients when they saw how good Immune Support is at reducing the symptoms of these diseases and slowing the
cancer process.

EnduraPet Immune Support is unique among immune support supplements because it’s recommended both for healthy pets and for pets whose immune system is somehow compromised. It is effective for both cats and dogs in the correct dosage (1/2 to 1 tablet for cats and small dogs, and 1 to 3 tablets for large dogs). 

It's good for your peace of mind, because you know exactly what you're giving your pet and how the ingredients are working together to build a stronger, more enduring immune system that's prepared to put up a strong fight against immune-related diseases.

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