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will my pet like the taste?

We hope so! We use a vegetable based beef and cheese flavor for all of our supplements and most dogs and cats tell us they love the taste. Some cats and dogs will be more likely to accept any new addition in a powdered form. We do not use any unnecessary coatings, so our tablets are easily crushed or dissolved and can be added to wet food, cottage cheese, yogurt, or peanut butter.

All of this said, the reality is that some pets will not appreciate the taste of our products. If this is the case, you may be able to get them to accept it dissolved and squirted into their mouth with water. The benefits of these formulas are so outstanding that we highly encourage creativity and perseverance, BUT... we also recognize that added stress does the immune system no good at all, so we ask that you please refrain from forcing the issue past your pets' stress threshold. 

A note about cats: Cats tend to be much more finicky than dogs when it comes to accepting new additions to their diet (unless, of course, the new addition happens to be a new cricket or moth) so we strongly suggest giving a minuscule amount at first and introducing our supplements very slowly.

my pet likes the taste and ate the whole bottle. Should I panic? 

Don't Panic. This happens sometimes, and we are flattered that our "cooking" is appreciated!

We use only safe, natural ingredients, and while overindulgence in any good thing can promote loose stool and an upset tummy, the good news is that this, too, will pass. We recommend access to the potty area and keeping plenty of water available. We also recommend taking a few days off and resuming again when your pets' system appears to be "business as usual" again. 

If your pet experiences diarrhea or upset stomach, please visit our Icky tummy Page for some suggestions which may help. 

I buy pet-food with glucosamine...isn't that enough?

While we don't knock pet food manufacturers for trying to boost their formulas with glucosamine, it is important to know that an adequate dosage is not possible through food alone. Not only that, but in processing, much of the benefit is likely to be destroyed. Now that does not mean glucosamine-containing foods are a no-no (unless of course they are foods with terrible ingredients) but in terms of joint support, the answer is no.

why should I trust EnduraPet? Who are you people anyway?

It's about time someone came out and asked that one... we are GLAD when we run across a suspicious consumer: You are your pet's best spokesperson, after all, and we want you to ask these questions. We came to the decision to start our company because of several things:

~ Katie is a self described animal health geek: You should see her library! She also has worked with animals in shelter and rescue systems for the last 20 years. Hospice foster care ( caring for terminally ill pets who end up at the shelter or otherwise unwanted) is part of that work, and by working with gentle, natural solutions (always cross referenced with her veterinarian!) she found that there were some serious benefits to pets.

~ After seeing first hand what specific combination of ingredients did for our pets. People asked, and we would tell them what we were doing. Interestingly enough, very few were willing to individually dose all of the things we would recommend, so there was a need to develop specific formulas which were already dosed accordingly.

~ We know our limitations. While we are terrific foster parents and have extensive knowledge about animal health, we are not veterinarians. To that end, we have gone to great expense of enrolling the assistance of holistic and allopathic veterinarians as well as that of a clinical nutritionist in the development of our products.

~ When we say we want to talk to you, we really do. You are your pet's best defense, and you need to make informed decisions about his or her health care. We would never dream of charging a "consulting fee" for what we feel you rightfully deserve: Peace of mind that you have chosen a safe, well researched, effective supplement.

~ Our manufacturer has over 20 years experience manufacturing veterinary products. They are also staffed by veterinary medical professionals, and we have full access to the manufacturing process at all times. Never outsourced, we know EXACTLY how our tablets come to be.

~ Our supplements are manufactured in Colorado USA, Our ear wash and flea and tick spray are manufactured by our favorite holistic veterinarian in Texas, USA.

~ Have you ever seen supplements (for people or pets) which make a big deal out of containing a popular ingredient and then read the label to find out there is such a miniscule amount included that it essentially makes no difference? So have we. We will NEVER do that. If we are going to put it in there, it is going to be in a form which is useable by your pet's body and in an amount which is recommended and considered therapeutic.

~ We know when less is more. Sometimes while it is impressive to read that a particular product contains a LOT of ingredients, it is important to know that we exclude some ingredients for a reason. Just a few examples are Milk Thistle (While it is TERRIFIC for liver function ans we love it for pets with a compromised liver, it is not recommended for healthy livers, as it can overprotect) Bosweilla (great for inflammation, but not recommended for animals with compromised kidney.liver function, nor is it recommended for pets who are also taking NSAID drugs) We don't want to exclude any animals from taking our formulas, and we are careful not to add ingredients which would do so.


I need to know these ingredients are safe and effective. Are your products tested?
We absolutely understand this, and it because we would never recommend giving an ingredient (even an herbal one!) if it were not safe or dosed appropriately that we are so committed to developing great products. Our raw materials all come with a certificate of analysis, and we go further and re-test them again for safety and purity and active ingredient content. As with most supplements, because of the prohibitive cost, we do not do university level studies using our entire finished formulas. However, the scientifically proven effectiveness of our active ingredients is provided on each product page. We would never, ever include an ingredient which has not been proven effective. Another important thing to know is that while a lot of pet supplements include terrific ingredients, many only include "token" amounts and of necessarily therapeutic dosages. 

My Pet is Diabetic, Can I still give Mobility Plus?
Good news: Although Mobility Plus and most other natural arthritis formulas contain Glucosamine HCl as an ingredient (which contains small amounts of an amino sugar, glucose) it has not shown evidence of negative effects on diabetic dogs when feeding the recommended dosage in Mobility Plus. That said, we always advise checking with your veterinarian first.

why isn't this available in a powder for cats or picky dogs?

Great question! Believe me, we wanted to make a powder option available too! Because our ingredients are so carefully selected, and because they have such different weight, we could not get them into a powder which wouldn't settle unevenly. The maitake mushroom powder in particular is very "fluffy" and light and is extremely difficult to work with. This is also why we did not choose to do a capsule.

The GOOD news is that we refuse to use unnecessary coatings on our tablets, so they are incredibly easy to crush into a powder or to crumble into your pet's food.We use a mortar and pestle to crush all of the supplements for our cats.

my pet is going through radiation therapy. Is it safe to continue giving EnduraPet Immune Support?

We recommend stopping 24 hours before, and resuming 24 hours after radiation treatment. Please check with your pet's veterinarian regarding your pet's unique situation. Again, we cannot stress enough that your vet must be aware of everything you are doing at home, from the food you are feeding to every single vitamin and supplement you give. Even if your vet is suspicious about natural treatments, it is important that she or he know what your dog is taking. Who knows...your dog may just be the one to convince your vet that supplements can actually help!

is it safe to give Mobility Plus with vet-prescribed medications?

Mobility Plus is natural, and contains no drugs or pain relievers of any kind. It has also shown no negative drug interactions, so it is safe to use in conjunction with other vet-prescribed medications. While NSAID drugs address the pain itself, Mobility Plus is designed to address the cause of orthopedic pain. Mobility Plus does not have the consequences for the liver and kidneys that is associated with prescription NSAID drugs either. 

In many cases, after about six weeks on Mobility Plus, our customers are able to decrease the amount of prescription medications, or often times eliminate them entirely. In fact, there are no known drug interactions with any prescription medications. As always, we ask that you share all supplement information with your vet. He or she needs to know everything your pet is taking.

where else can I purchase Endurapet products? 

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