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What is the best pet bed? Who makes the healthiest dog treats? Which dog behaviorists are best? Where can I buy the best dog toys? Which dog toys are best for puppies and dogs who love to chew? What should I look for (and which "whisperers" to avoid!) in a dog trainer?
What can I do for my anxious dog? Who makes the cutest collars?

Just as any devoted parents do, we like to share our favorite things with other pet lovers. Whether it's treats or toys, beds or even things we just love in our lives, we want to share our favorite things with you. Our list is always growing, so check back often. If you have something you would like to share with other devoted pet parents, please feel free to drop us a line so we can add your favorites also! You can reach us my emailing or by dialing 1-888-738-7535.

Our Favorite beds:

Molly Mutt logo
We love Molly Mutt dog and cat beds!
A very eco-friendly solution (just stuff the stuff sack with rags or old pillows) and easy to care for.

beds for dogs

West Paw Design is one of our favorites for beds as well as other items.


Treats! Someone said TREATS!

If you live in Colorado, you are in luck! Here are some of our favorites in our state:

Hang10 Canine Cafe: Don makes terrific natural treats for dogs. He also carries raw meaty bones, natural shed antler chews, SAFE jerky and bully sticks, and more! 

The Bear and The Rat: Cool Treats for Dogs ~ Meg and Matt make the absolute BEST frozen yogurt for dogs. With flavors dogs go NUTS for, healthy enzymes and no artificial flavors or colors, you can be sure you are spoiling your dogs with love! 


treats for pets
  Annie and Toby's Treats



Not in Colorado? No problem! Here are some great treat companies who will ship healthy treats right to your door:


treat company
 Clear Conscience Pet
Humanely sourced meats and organic "super veggies" make Clear Conscience Pet chews and Super Gravy top-notch in our book!




dog cookies
Skout Cookies
We love Dog Skout! Talk about fresh: Diane bakes to order and ships immediately. Cranberry Sonnets and Dante & Dash's Peanut-Mutter Smashers are Calvin's favorites!


Nervous Pets?


pet accesories logo
  Daisy Paw Collar Companions:
The Collar CompanionTM is a new and innovative way to provide aromatherapy for your dog(s).
Innovative aromatherapy scent diffuser that can be worn by pets and people.
Collar Companions simply wrap & snap around your dog’s current collar, harness, or leash.
Collar Companions are not pre-loaded with essential oils so you can pick anstyle you like and then choose a Daisy’s BlendsTM


essensial oils

essential oil to go with it.





dog Thundershirt
Thundershirt’s gentle, constant pressure is a terrific solution for many types of dog anxiety, fearfulness, barking and more.
(Pictured is our dear friend Dundee Boy)




Through A Dog's Ear The only clinically researched auditory series with practical solutions for canine anxiety issues.

Play Time! Chew Time!

The KONG company Another Colorado Company, KONG has been making indestructible, stuffable dog chew toys since 1976.

WestPaw Design Durable chew toys made from recycled materials. Woof!

TreatStik : Treatstik makes a great food puzzle/food dispenser for busy minds and fast eaters!


Understanding Behavior

You will notice that we do not include some of the more popular television trainers (Victoria Stillwell is an exception. Love her!) or "chain" training services here. It is our firm belief that training must begin with education: Educating ourselves about what behaviors mean and how to communicate with our fur-family is, to us, the only way to begin. After all, dogs and cats are really good at being dogs and cats! If we wish to teach them manners, we must first understand what comes naturally to them. Here are some of our favorite authors and groups:

Dr. Patricia McConnell, Ph.D: Patricia McConnell is our absolute favorite behaviorist and author. Her books are available in most book stores, libraries, and through her website. A must for any dog parent!

for help finding a CPDT or APDT trainer in your area, please ask: We may just have a resource in your neck of the woods!

Leashes. Harnesses. Collars. Oh MY!

We love cool collars, and we use them for ID only. Harnesses are really best for walking. Our favorite harness is the Walk In Sync harness.

Collars are essential for ID, and can absolutely be a fashion statement! Please consider using a harness for attaching leashes to your dogand keep the collars as a means of carrying ID (and Daisy Paw discs, of course!). Take a look at these beauties from Suzie at Sopertramp in Colorado:

Gifts, portraits, memorials and such:

Canvas Canines: Andy holds a very special place in our hearts, and her  portraits do too! To see the portrait she did of our beloved Calvin, please visit our Facebook page ( )

Personalized Pet Tales: Scrapbooks extrordinaire, frames, magnets and more! Debbie is a pet loving, creative machine! 


Favorite Websites:

We follow so many websites and bloggers. Here are a few of our favorites: