EnduraPet Launches Safe Natural Dog and Cat Supplements

Thornton, CO, Aug 1, 2011—The pet health industry is booming, and a Colorado newcomer is proving itself to be a valuable addition to the market. EnduraPet of Thornton, CO, formulates natural health supplements and grooming care products for pets, made with safe, natural ingredients proven to have a positive impact on pet immune systems, arthritis, heart health, ear, skin and coat condition. EnduraPet is Better Business Bureau accredited, though the BBB does not usually consider membership for pet supplement companies.

“One of our passions has been to provide foster care for hospice pets from local shelters and rescue groups. Because we choose to work with senior or terminally ill pets, we credit these foster pets for revealing the need for improved ingredients and ingredient safety in pet products,” says Katie Jockers, owner of EnduraPet. “Just because a product is labeled 'natural,' doesn't always mean it's safe. We do not include anything in our formulas which would exclude pets from benefitting from our supplements. Milk thistle, for instance, is terrifically hepatoprotective (liver protective), but it’s not meant for animals with well functioning livers. Also, some herbs, like bosweilla, are great for arthritis, but are not recommended for animals with liver or kidney disease, nor are they recommended for pets taking certain prescription medications. We simply won't use ingredients that require warning statements due to contraindications,” said Ms. Jockers.

Each of EnduraPet's formulas is veterinarian-verified safe for dogs and cats, and can be given alone or in addition to other medications. EnduraPet uses a unique vegetarian-based beef and cheese flavoring for all of their supplements, so pets can take their supplements like treats. EnduraPet produces all of its products in the USA at an FDA-approved facility, using strict Good Manufacturing Practices.

EnduraPet’s product line includes: EnduraPet Immune Support, which can be used as a preventative for pets with no health issues, as well as for pets with serious immune problems, Mobility Plus, which is formulated to help prevent, as well as alleviate, the pain and discomfort that pets experience with arthritis, hip dysplasia, luxating patellas (slipping knees) and other spinal and orthopedic problems, Daily Multi-Vitamin for Cats & Dogs, a once-a-day chewable vitamin that is safe to give to dogs and cats throughout their lifetimes, and is endorsed by Dr. Steven Eisen, who has recently added EnduraPet's vitamins to his online shop on, Herbal Ear Wash, which is a sweet-smelling, non-stinging herbal ear wash that is great for the chronic yeast and fungal problems common to many pets, and Herbal Flea & Tick Spray, which is a pesticide-free herbal flea and tick repellant spray made with organic essential oils that is safe to use around the whole family.

EnduraPet’s products can be purchased directly from the company at, and all retail customers in the US will receive free shipping. EnduraPet products can also be purchased from select veterinarians and small specialty pet food stores in the Denver-Boulder region of Colorado. For more information, or for wholesale questions, please call 1-888-738-7535 or email EnduraPet at EnduraPet is active on Twitter (@endurapet) and has an informative and interactive Facebook presence at