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We are serious about helping pets in need of rescue, and it is our sincere hope that one day they will ALL have a home. 


Meet Macke! (Pronounced Mackie): RESCUED! 

Isn't he just the cutest? Mackie is a senior, but far from retirement. He is great with people(including children), cats, other name it. He is looking for a forever home. 

dog rescue


Mackie dog


Mackie dog and owner


dog rescue

This is from Mackie's family:

"Macke is  about 12 - 14 years old and still very active.

 He was rescued from a shelter and weighed 12 pounds when we brought him home. He looked like a drowned rat and you could  count every bone in his little body. He is now 21 pounds and is healthy. He gets along with other dogs and  cats. He seems to like children very much and makes friends with people and other dogs rather quickly.  


When walking on a leash he pulls hard but soon settles into reasonable walk. At streets or intersections he will sit on command until instructed to cross. Our daughter has taught him some simple tricks which he does with a little encouragement and of course some treats. When I feed him his daily pills he will not take the pills until I say OK then he will take them from my hand. (I give him {Mobility Plus} and a pill for oral health every morning)


We think he Is a great little guy but we can't take him with us as we feel that it is unfair to him to have him contained in a small 3rd floor apartment with no yard.  He is used to having a yard to play in and due to my wife's back problems and my knee problems it is hard for us to walk him as we should."


If you are interested in more information, or if you would like to meet Mackie, please email Thanks for helping! 




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(Our beautiful home state of Colorado)

Save The Giants

"Save The Giants is founded on the belief that size does matter; if you get a giant dog, you will need a bigger couch.

We believe that once you are owned by a dog that is bigger than the average eighth grader, you will always have a special place in your heart for these incredibly big and goofy, regal and playful, loving and loyal gentle giants.

Great Danes, Great Pyrenees, Saint Bernards, Bullmastiffs, Dogue de Bordeauxs and English Mastiffs are the focus of our rescue efforts in CO, KS, OK & TX and each of our volunteers share our passion for making a difference for these giant breed dogs. Each of our volunteers has a story, a reason for being part of Save The Giants. We are inspired by the animals we save and we aspire to inspire others to join our cause.

Do you want to become part of an educational outreach and awareness rescue effort designed to save lives and impact the community? Get ready to Save The Giants."


Some of our favorite rescue organizations in the USA

TLC Humane Society

located in beautiful Dahlonega, GA

"TLC Humane Society was organized in 1977 as the Dahlonega-Lumpkin County Humane Society by a dedicated group of people who were vitally concerned about animal welfare. TLC remains an organization of volunteers devoted to saving animals from suffering and cruelty. We are based in Dahlonega, Georgia and are supported by fund-raising activities and the donations of citizens concerned about the welfare of companion animals.

The abandonment of animals produced by careless over breeding is the primary problem the TLC Humane Society addresses. We are dedicated to policies and programs that promote non-lethal solutions to animal overpopulation. We are also dedicated to helping unwanted animals and teaching humane treatment for all living creatures."

You can find TLC on Facebook HERE


Pet Adoption

and on Petfinder HERE

TLC Humane Society is a registered 501(c)3 non profit, no-kill animal rescue organization. Donations are tax deductible and SO appreciated! If you would like to help this little gem out with a donation, here's how:

Paypal donations can be sent using the email address

Checks can be sent to:  TLC Humane Society,PO Box 535, Dahlonega GA 30533

Fences For Fido
UN-chained, One Dog At A Time

Fences For Fido is doing the hard work we all wish we could do, and they do it with an astounding amount of grace.


From the founders: "For dogs living outdoors on a chain, Fences For Fido reaches out to their guardian and offers a free fence, a new shelter, and free or reduced cost spay/neuter. With our services, dogs who were once chained will learn what it’s like to live, run, and play in a safe and more comfortable environment. "

 Find Fences For Fido on Facebook HERE:




JEARS (Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support)

We have friends who can wholeheartedly vouch for the work JEARS is doing in the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. JEARS is a collaboration of three established and registered no kill animal rescue NPOs in Japan:

Japan Cat Network


Animal Friends Niigata


These darlings were once featured on our rescue page. They are in forever homes now.
  Congratulations to Maru, Cleo, Hazelnut and Bear!