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Barking up the Right Tree! Health Benefits of Pine Bark Extract for your Pet

(Heath Benefits / History / Additional Info / Endurapet & Pine Bark / Further Reading / References) photo courtesy of tacticalintelligence.net Pine bark extract is amazing. Period. It is not only beneficial to humans, but it can drastically benefit dogs and cats of all ages. Pine bark extract can help fight inflammation (arthritis, hip dysplasia and the effects of aging), and it has been shown to improve circulation, immune response, and more. According to their guardians, agility dogs are thriving on it, and senior pets can find relief from the pain and inflammation symptoms of a variety of age related conditions. Pine bark extract has been used by humans in various forms for centuries, and now it is helping dogs...

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Choosing the Best Food For Your Dog: Thinking Critically About Your Dog's Food:

Some hints and tips to help you find the right food for your dog: By Frenchie Long-Sabados One of the questions I hear most often is “what is the best food on the market”? The reason for this question is simple: animals are family, and just like children we want them to have the best possible care and food the market has to offer. However, this question is not always so easy to answer. There will always be a “top quality” food on the market, and one of them will ALWAYS be the best. However, the BEST may not be what is RIGHT for your canine companion... I hope that the following information will help you to feel more comfortable...

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A Dog's Last Will and Testament: Your open arms and loving heart for a deserving rescue

Wednesday's Furry Fans: Spanky and Buckwheat!

 This week we are thrilled to share Furry French Bulldog Fans Spanky and Buckwheat. These two enjoy EnduraPet multi vitamins every day, and see those clean ears? They use our herbal ear wash as well :)    A big thanks to Spanky and Buckwheat's proud mama Jodi (who really enjoys sharing the free Justin's peanut butter we send with her orders with them!) We understand that when you share your beloved pets with us, you are sharing a piece of your heart. Thank you so very much.  

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True story: How the EnduraPet name came to be.

Last week someone read our name EnduraPet to mean something entirely opposite of what we intended when we named our product line. We cleared the misconception immediately, but it made me realize that I never actually told you all where we got our name in the first place: The misinterpretation came when an animal lover read "EnduraPet" to mean "Endure-a-Pet". In her words, "I don't think I like the company name in the least. ... why would a company that bothers to offer herbal options call themselves Endure A Pet? They are chosen family and not something to be endured."  Eek! My heart sank immediately, but then I was relieved. After all, this is an opportunity for educating the public...

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