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F is for Friday, and Fathers!

 A happy Father's Day to all of the patient fathers out there.  This clip reminds me that we all need someone for whom we can do no wrong. Our beloved pets are that somebody for many of us, and a great way to show them that we appreciate their unfailing devotion is to give them the love and care they deserve each and every day. EnduraPet was founded on that principle and we thank you for allowing us to be a part of the love you share with your pets every day. Thank you!  ~ katie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Friday is here again, and...

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From "Difficult" to Diva, how one dog is changing lives

                                                           Oh Miss Molly-D... Molly-Dharma was labelled as a "difficult" dog. Adopted and returned twice (or was it three times?), Molly would return to the MaxFund (a Denver no-kill shelter) more and more stressed. Her first impression behavior was less than ladylike, she was "touchy" (or not, actually) and were it not for her faithful and caring team of rescuers and caregivers at MaxFund, Molly's story would be different, and sadly, shorter.  As it turned out, after almost three years waiting for a home, Molly-Dharma was adopted by a man, and this man had an incredible soul. The man and Molly-Dharma both worked very hard and eventually together they were able to gather the bounty of patience, trust, security, and ...

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