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"This year I was pleased to see EnduraPet, my favorite dog supplement provider, had returned to the 2016 Denver Dog Show.

I have been using EnduraPet for about six years now and have never been disappointed with results.

Here is a post I did about how their Mobility Plus+ changed my ageing German Shepherd’s life Mobility Plus+

The quality of their products continues to impress me.  I have a rescue dog suffering from Addison’s Disease.  He is quite nervous during stormy weather such as thunder and extreme wind.  He is also no so happy with fireworks.  I have been using the Calming Plus+ product for about three years and find it does just that, calms poor Roscoe’s nerves.  The wind, thunder and loud fireworks still bother him; but, with the help of Calming Plus+, he is able to settle down and wait out the event."

-Paula M


"Excellent products, Top notch customer service. Couldn't ask for more!
Jodi C, CO

"I give my dogs the mobility formula and the immune formula - both dogs are doing great and their fur is even shinier than before! They eat very healthy - I cook half of their food, and some is raw. So for the supplements to improve their fur says a LOT! I have my clients ordering from you as well and their dogs are doing great too! Thanks SO much for what you do!"
-Cindy- IL

"Outstanding service & outstnding product of highest quality. Always receive my order very quickly & correctly. EnduraPet provides excellent information for their products and for pet health."
-Joanne T, AZ

" I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have found your company...I can't believe that I can sit and have an email conversation with you as if I'm writing to someone I've known for years.You make me feel so comfortable and confident in what I am doing for my kitty. It is wonderful!"
-Elizabeth, PA

Daily Multi for Dogs and Cats

" I really like your multi-vitamin product. It's rare to see supplements for pets with this quality."
Dr. Steven Eisen author, Canine Cancer, The Holistic Answer

"My dogs love the taste and I'm happy knowing they are getting a quality vitamin. There are so many vitamins and supplements out there that taste good to them, but when I compare, they don't have all the nutrients that Endurapet vitamins have. Thanks Endurapet !!" - Lisa P, FL

"My new doggie Lexie is taking your vitimans! She says they are great! Trying to keep her healthy! She says Thanks! WOOF WOOF!"
Donna R- TX





 Mobility Plus for Dogs and Cats

 "Unsolicited testimonial for Mobility Plus: Moey (11 yo poodle with luxating patellas) has been on other (well known and pricy) glucosamine-chondroitin supplements for years. So I didn't expect to see any difference when we started him on Mobility Plus. But now, he regularly races our younger dog up the stairs with NO difficulty! Thanks, EnduraPet!"                               
Tami T, CO

Agility Dogs love Mobility Plus, too! 

"I started my mini Aussie on EnduraPet a few months ago. She is acting like a puppy. I fully expected some issues this weekend in Colorado Springs because of the cold. Didn't have any. SO glad I am using EnduraPet supplements!"
Kathie T, CO


"We raise, breed and train Shetland Sheepdogs for competitions in herding,
agility, tracking, and showing in the conformation ring…sound, active,
energetic dogs! Because we know how much stress we are putting on our
dog’s bones and joints, we have been very careful to give supplements for
joint support. We were using a powdered product with three of our over 5
year old dogs prior to our introduction to ENDURAPET Mobility Plus+, but
we were not really able to tell that there was any effect.

 We started giving the three older dogs Mobility Plus+, and we were pleased
to see positive effects within 5 days! The dogs were reaching out farther,
running faster and appeared to be more comfortable while moving. We hope
to have all these dogs still competing into their teens, thanks to Mobility Plus+.


Jim and Susie DeKieffer

Halcyon Shetland Sheepdogs

"The hubby who never notices anything just commented how our Boo is acting like our Boo from 5 years ago (she is 13)! She has been on Immune Support for a couple of months now and we added the Mobility Plus around Christmas! We are so happy with the results!"
Emily W, TX

"Rocky is doing GREAT with Mobility Plus......got spring in his step!!! Took a 45 min walk the other night and no gimpy legs!! woo hoo Thank You! " Lisa M- Pittsburgh PA

 "It's been less than a week for my 13 year old German Shepherd mix on Mobility plus and already we can see that she stands up faster, walks faster, and wags her tail more! Thanks guys!"
Kirsten T- NC

"Update: My 13 yr old German Shepherd mix with hip dysplasia and arthritis was actually seen to run a few steps in the backyard this week! She's been on Mobility+ for about 3 weeks and we can definitely tell it has made a significant difference! Thanks so much :)"
Kirsten T- NC

"My dog missed a few days of her mobility plus because she wouldn't take her pills. We saw a BIG difference, and now we're making sure she gets them every day!" Denalia- IL

Loving EnduraPet's Mobility Plus! My 7-yr. old beagle, Sparky, has severe arthritis and hasn't been able to jump on the couch for months until last night. He's been on EnduraPet's Mobility Plus for 6 days and has been able to conquer the otherwise challenging leap to cuddle with Mom and Dad!"
Tonia- CO

"I give my dogs the mobility formula and the immune formula - both dogs are doing great and their fur is even shinier than before! They eat very healthy - I cook half of their food, and some is raw. So for the supplements to improve their fur says a LOT! I have my clients ordering from you as well and their dogs are doing great too! Thanks SO much for what you do!
Cindy - IL

"Wanted to share with everyone that I recently put my 12 yr old GSD/Alaskan Mal boy Jiminy on Mobility Plus. The results were/are Amazing! I could go on and on but let’s just say I will be buying more of this incredible product! Thank you EnduraPet for helping my sweet boy!"
Lisa - TX

"Just one more plug for Mobility Plus! It really does taste good to the dogs. I've started crushing half a pill over my other two dogs' food. They LOVE IT! even my - I can smell medicine a mile away kid loves it. He licks his bowl clean then goes to the others bowls to lick up any morsel the others may have missed! This kid (zephyr) knows meds before you get it out of the bottle. He runs and hides the second I even think of giving him medicine! I love Mobility Plus! " (Lisa-TX again)

"I just ordered more Mobility Plus and Immune Support for Maggie. She's doing so great without her pain meds for the last month. She jumps on and off the couch, dances around like a puppy, and today when we walked our normal distance that usually has her limping heavily by the end, she wasn't limping any worse than normal and wanted to go MORE! I love you guys and your products make her act like a new dog. Somebody else even commented that she looks and acts years younger. Thank you!!! " Carey-UT

"We started EnduraPet about 5+ years ago when my sister in Denver had found your Co. and I started with Mobility for our 5 yr. SharPei, and then added multi-daily which has helped our dog, His name is LiCheng and he turned 10 yr. old yesterday. He has had IBD for years; his siblings and father/grandfather died of this. We have worked hard, and about a month and a 1/2 ago he became VERY SICK;Vomit & diarrhea not able to hold food. He lost about 10 lbs. and our vet (from Iowa State Univ) recommended a UltraSound test. The results were not what they wanted to see and horrible for us. He has prednisone 2X a day, and pill to calm stomach and diarrhea. He is eating calm canned science diet; 2 reg. meals a.m and p.m. in between 3 small snacks to enable to hold the food and digest is. We boil chicken breast, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese in all small amounts, 1t. He is still happy, drinking lots of water & pedialyte. I make chicken broth at home. Your product has made his life better markedly. I was going to call, but decided it would be best to look online (instead of crying on the phone)I found the immunity,late, but will NEVER make that mistake again. He has been the best pet and still will be with us until he tells us it is time for him to leave. We will rescue a shar pei from TennesseeSharPei rescue for our new addition in awhile,and continuing use your products forever. Thank you! "
Sharon M- TN

Herbal Ear Wash for Dogs and Cats


"I like the ear cleaning solution. It smells good and i love that its alcohol free and seems to be working just as well!!"
-Becky B, Groomer in CO

"Just want you to know I am a bit obsessed with your ear wash.  It smells so good I am trying to figure out how else I can use it around here!  :-)"
-Susan, TX

"The Herbal EarWash is AMAZING!!!!! It completely rid our lab of chronic (and I mean chronic) infections in her left ear!!! Once she realized it does not hurt her, she is not afraid of cotton balls or the bottle at all. Thank you!!!"
-Pat, ID


 Immune Support for Dogs and Cats


"I have had my dog Monk on the Immune Support for dogs for almost a year-He has Hemangio Sarcoma...they gave him 3-6 months max after his surgery. decided to try the Immune Support without any other treatments-no chemo, no prescription meds, and no pain killers. He is still running around happy & healthy! Thank you Endura Pet!" -J Johansson, CO


 "These people and this product were a godsend. Our beloved Judah was diagnosed with aggressive bone cancer in May 2010, and we were told to say our goodbyes then and there. We opted to take him home and to manage his pain for the weekend. I knew of Katie from a woman at MaxFund in Denver.  I sent her an email and she had just started making Immune Support.... 

  ...Fast forward to January 2, 2011. Our beautiful boy passed peacefully in his sleep. No struggle, just passed.
Thanks to EnduraPet, we had not only our last weekend, but a last spring, summer, fall, many holidays, and most importantly for Judah,  more camping trips! I still use this for our little dog and our senior cat. -                       
Sarah , MT

"I have been using the Immune Support for Annie. She had very itchy skin and actually got some really bad hot spots that had to be treated with meds... I had some of the immune support for the cats and just started giving it to her. She loves it and I have noticed she doesn't itch nearly like she used to..in fact hardly at all...so we shall keep with the new diet and supplements."
Sheryl, VA

"You can tell your customers that Whisper (cat) loves her Immune Support! I just break the tablet in half, put it on the floor and the eats it like a treat. She hears the bottle and comes and waits for her 'treat' now. Thanks!"                Judy M, NM

 "We feel that it is because of your care that we had Patou an extra three months. Thank you so very much for all the help and the support that you gave us. We are very grateful to you." -

 "I use this for my cat as a preventative, that has worked! He has feline herpes and gets "winky eye" when he is stressed. I am not sure what the technical term is, but he gets eye infections as an adult from the herpes virus he acquired as a kitten. I just crush the tablet into his wet food. So far so good!" 

  "We purchased from our vet to give to our cat (FIV)and then purchased more for our dogs. We have a little Yorkie with heart disease and I LOVE that this has the right amount of co-Q10 in it!"
-Bonnie , CO

 "My dog has Lupus and my vet suggested your immune supplement. He actually likes it and I think he is doing better. Thanks."
-Stephanie, CO

" - thank you for the Immune Support - it's exactly what my Bo dog needs and he's doing great!"
- Cindy, IL

Herbal Flea and Tick Spray

"Tonight we had a Birthday Party outdoors for my aunt. My dogs were not present, but my EnduraPet Flea and Tick spray was!!! I used it on myself to try and prevent mosquito bites and boy oh boy did it work!!!!! It has also been working great on my kitty, Levi who just likes to go outside once in a blue moon!"
Casey- MI
 "Sophie likes to burrow in the shrubs in our yard and your spray has successfully kept her flea and tick free from day one. Thanks"
Rick- VA
"It is nice to finally find something which helps. We use DE [Diatamaceous Earth] and EnduraPet Flea & Tick and have     eliminated poisons all together. That says a LOT for living in Florida."
                              Gene- (near Sarasota) FL



Calming Plus

"EnduraPet has made my Katie's Life sooooo much better. I just tried the Calming Plus for the first time this weekend. We had a lot of rain and wind in Tn, and normally Katie would be in the shower. I gave her these magic pills and could not believe the results. She was in the laying with me in the kitchen, went for a walk while it was raining, and played with Sam outside. I have tried many,many things to help her and by far this is the best!!! Thank-you so much my friends at Endura Pet!"  
Diane- TN

 "The Calming Plus worked great at Hallowe'en and on the very windy nights that bother a couple of our girls. Thanks!!"
LeNore Ralston


"My dog won't eat any supplements, but does great on the Calming Plus - even helps for Ferry rides in Maine!"
- Dr. Fleckenstein, NY

"I give my dog Calming Plus before she is groomed and for any other stressful events. It has really helped her through these times without any problems." - Mary, NV

"Calming Plus has changed my cat. I know that without it she'll go back to being a half wild cat who pees in the corner with any change, is constantly on alert, runs to hide from any noise, and is pretty stressed because of this."
- Darlene, WA

"I have a 10-year old Toy Poodle that we tried Calming Plus on, and it has worked well. As with most pet owners, I prefer to minimize the amount of pharmaceuticals she ingests. Calming Bliss has provided us with an alternative that has worked very well. I strongly recommend the product."
- Donna, NY