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endurapet® Calming Plus Pet Supplement For Cats & Dogs

endurapet® Calming Plus Pet Supplement For Cats & Dogs

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  • Safe, natural calming supplement
  • Relaxing ingredients such as hops, chamomile and ginger
  • Great for cats and dogs
  • Loaded with natural and nutritious ingredients
  • May help with thunder, fireworks, bath times or new routines, loud noise
  • Not a sedative
  • Great for travel

Anxiety isn’t fun and can be difficult for your pet to cope with. In order to help keep your pet at ease, EnduraPet has created a supplement that will help keep your dog or cat calm and potentially improve their lifestyle. Calming Plus is not a sedative, rather it is intended to take the edge off nervous, or easily excited pets. Whether your pet is regularly stressed or if they seem uncomfortable in particular situations, Calming Plus can help. This calming supplement includes natural ingredients such as hops, chamomile and ginger which are known for their calming effects. Because these ingredients are safe, the Calming Plus supplement is able to be used on a regular basis, or taken as needed without causing any damage to your pet’s liver.





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  • We take a holistic approach to pet health and we’re extremely careful about sourcing our products, using natural and organic ingredients whenever possible. We also research our formulas carefully and only include ingredients that boost your pet’s immune system in specific ways: Read more about how each ingredient in our Mobility Plus supplement works to prevent joint pain in your pet.

*As with anything new, even diet changes, please consult your veteranarian to make sure your pet can use these products. All products work together, there is no worry of overlap or double dosage of ingredients.