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Video: Dachshund and Paralyzed Cat Share An Amazing Friendship!

Idgie and Ruth have a special kind of friendship, and their story will surely make you smile. This bonded pair was picked up by Seminole County Animal Services in FL. It appears that they were deliberately dumped. We don't know for sure, but once we saw this video, it was obvious that these two belong together. Hollywood Houndz, a natural pet food store and grooming boutique in Lake Mary Florida, often helps local rescues by featuring and boarding special needs pets. You see, Ruth is partially paralyzed and needs a helping paw. Idgie is just the dog (yes, dog!) to help. The pair came to Hollywood Houndz and shortly thereafter, the store owners decided to adopt them. These two went from being unwanted...

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A Dog's Last Will and Testament: Your open arms and loving heart for a deserving rescue

November is Adopt-A-Senior-Pet-Month

  Written by Monte Whaley. This article originally appeared in PetsMatter Nov/Dec 09 - Volume 4 Issue 6, published by the American Animal Hospital Association. Copyright © 2009 American Animal Hospital Association  I remember the day Monte called me to interview me for this article, but I did not know it was published for quite some time. Since November is Adopt A Senior Pet month, I thought I’d share.  Stewart passed peacefully in his sleep and became an angel shortly after this was published.  He was one of many amazing seniors we have had the pleasure of calling friends. Enjoy! ~ Katie Older Pets May Be A Better Fit A bouncy, clear-eyed puppy would have been the easy choice for...

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Pitbull Awareness Day 2011

In honor of Pitbull Awareness Day, I finally decided to publish an article I published on my personal blog in March, 2011: An interesting thing happened last week: I exited the grocery store and found myself facing a soft, handsome, 8-month-old tan and white pit bull. A young man was proudly holding his leash. I waited my turn as the lady in front of me dropped her groceries to give pats and praise, and then I asked if I might say hello to the furry man of the hour. Permission granted, I proceeded to pat and compliment and gush. The dog’s name is “Z”. I complimented the young man on how nice and well-socialized his puppy was. Of course, I...

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Honoring Sarge

Sarge has become an angel. Officially, at least. He was an angel on earth until yesterday, when he passed away at the age of 16. He has now officially begun his work as Doggie Angel, Elderbull Extrordinaire. In honor of Sarge, we are sharing this delightful video today. Sarge's family would be grateful if each person who watches it would share it with just one other person. ELDERBULLS: The Movie (2011) from Animal Farm on Vimeo.   If you don't already know about the famous Sarge the Elderbull, we urge you to visit his blog page at http://www.elderbulls.blogspot.com/.  In short, Sarge, along with over 30 other dogs) was rescued at age 14 from an abusive home in PA. He was...

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